NY Christian Divorce Lawyer

NY Christian Divorce Lawyer Yolette M. Saintiny, Esq., provides Mediation and Litigation of Uncontested and Contested Divorce matters before the New York Supreme Court in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Nassau County…

Mediation may be a time and cost-effective approach to resolving disputes among people who are genuinely willing to apply themselves to craft a workable solution to resolve their disagreements.


What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is an alternative to court litigation which may be voluntarily used for resolving many, if not all, of the typical issues that arise as two people separate their lives.

Function of a Mediator

A mediator is a neutral third party who helps the couple involved in a divorce dispute work through the various issues involved…

For non-violent matters before the Court, mediators help Litigants reach their own settlement.

As a trained mediator, attorney Saintiny will help her Clients make their own decisions on ways to settle the dispute between them.

Contentious issues in divorce cases such as child custody, visitation, support, maintenance and equitable distribution of marital assets, can be mutually resolved among willing participants, as time permits.

At the conclusion of mediation, upon reaching an agreement, Ms. Saintiny will reduce it to written form for the parties’ signatures.

The by-product of mediation is a legally binding enforceable contract which can presented to a judge for approval and used to settle the matter.

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NY Christian Divorce Lawyer Services


God Hates Divorce BUT He Loves YouUncontested Divorce

Should both spouses either on their own accord or through a mediation process manage to reach an agreement regarding the settlement of all issues in contention…

they may file the divorce matter on the Court’s Uncontested Calendar along with their legally binding Stipulation of Settlement for adjudication.


NY Christian Divorce Lawyer Contested Divorce

Divorce Litigation

A divorce is contested if either you or your spouse:

1- Do not want to get a divorce;

2- Disagree about the grounds (legal reasons) for the divorce; And/or

3- Disagree about what will happen with your children, your finances, your property after the divorce.

As the Court process is complicated and requires the application of relevant laws and rules; it is advisable to retain the services of an experience divorce lawyer in such matters.

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New York Christian Divorce Lawyer

NY Divorce Lawyer Yolette M. Saintiny, Esq., personally handles the office’s Coaching, Mediation, Biblical Counseling and Litigation of Divorce matters before the New York State Supreme Court in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and surrounding areas.

Additionally, Ms. Saintiny handles related Child Custody, Visitation, Support and Article 81 Guardianship matters…. Click Here to access a full menu of law services.

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NY Christian Divorce Law Services

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